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314 m
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near  Ivinghoe, England (United Kingdom)

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  • argazkia mrsmokeybear

    mrsmokeybear 12-feb-2012

    Looks like you did Reading to Bristol, I did it with my son 12 years ago, but started from W London and got to Reading on the Thames, also tried the River Trent, Oxford and the Stafford canals, but they proved difficult as for the River Lea

  • argazkia Ian Ginger

    Ian Ginger 14-feb-2012

    Bristol to Reading off road was brilliant, but my biggest ride is the one above, i've walked it once and cycled it once, really challenging, amazing scenery all the way down, have you done this one?

  • argazkia mrsmokeybear

    mrsmokeybear 14-feb-2012

    I looked into it once or twice, but have only walked sections of the ridgeway around Avebury, I know someone who did it on a motorbike, he said there were a few too many gates, I may have a go at it in the summer, my beagle will be pleased! I found your route from a comment you made on the london brighton off road, apparently there is an extension to paris after you cross the channel I have followed the peddars way from Thetford to the norfolk coast and round to Yarmouth, and across Kent from Whitstable to Dover, using the 'crab and winkle way'

  • argazkia Ian Ginger

    Ian Ginger 14-feb-2012

    there are a lot of gates in the Ickneild Way up the northern end in Hertfordshire, but pretty clear 95% of the way. lots of big ruts, I did it with no suspension and it nearly cracked my spine in some areas, full suspension would be needed i think. it's got some great downhill sections, but plenty of uphills too.

  • argazkia mrsmokeybear

    mrsmokeybear 14-feb-2012

    I have a specialized enduro which deals with almost anything, but the payback is being rather slow. Where are you based? I am in NE London (river Lea) might be interesting to join up sometime, .....apparently the lea starts from a park in Luton I am off to the peaks tomorrow, only walking though or I might have tried the new peak trail just remembered the cross border run from Kielder to newcastleton (one of the 7 staines), I only did half of it, up to bloody bush and round the new cycle trail

  • argazkia Ian Ginger

    Ian Ginger 14-feb-2012

    Hi there, i'm your average cyclist, always cycle to work, not particularly fit (but trying). I'm definitely not a speedy rider, i'de rather enjoy scenery than just head down and blast through the countryside. I live down in Mile End, i'm stacked every weekend through Feb, but March i'm going to start some training for the london to brighton off road in July, so be good to organise a ride with yourself and David (Soruman).

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