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близу Letchworth Garden City, England (United Kingdom)

Today’s stage went from Letchworth to Bury St Edmunds. First back to Ickleford from Letchworth, then on to Baldock, before heading towards Bury.
Sacred architecture

Michael and Mary line

Today’s journey begins at Ickleford, outside of Letchworth, where the Ickneild way used to cross the river Hiz. The Michael energy line runs through the church of St Katharine, bedecked with gargoyles and featuring inside a Green Man corbel which we found, after a long search, by dowsing
Sacred architecture

Michael and Mary line

Baldock is on the meeting point of three roads. The Church of St Mary was built by the Knights Templar, in a spot appropriate for their mission to protect pilgrims. The Michael line runs through the corner of the George pub and into the church,

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  • KayCaldwell 29.06.2019.

    From Baldock we took the A505 to Bury St Edmunds, passing between the Michael and Mary Lines. Each line passes through villages, but we are restricting this pilgrimage to the most significant centres and nodes on the lines.

    NB Royston, with it superb cave, is on this route not far from Baldock, but the cave is only open at the weekend, so we will visit it on the return journey on Sunday.

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