• Слика од Tollygunge, Kolkata - Santiniketan, Bolpur
  • Слика од Tollygunge, Kolkata - Santiniketan, Bolpur

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Uploaded 05.07.2017.

Recorded јул 2017

58 m
-9 m
171,4 km

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близу Taliganja, Benggala Barat (India)

Road Trip from Kolkata to Santiniketan in late evening. The road is generally good but then, the monsoons have just started. There was a railway underpass 30mins before reaching Santiniketan. It was flooded with water. I tried to drive through and got struck. Needed a push from the other drivers who got held up because of me. Knee deep muddy, oily water. Loose stones below. Dont know the damage to the underside of the car yet. Avoid the underpass. There is a detour through the market on the left, i am told. will try on the way back.

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