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близу Lavaur, Région Limousin (France)

Cistercian nuns, bordering the Millevaches: before becoming a Cistercian monastery, the Jassoneix was, from the XII th century, the castle of a large estate stately.
The first nuns from the Abbey of La Coudre ( Mayenne), settled in 1981. Thanks to their work, mainly the cultivation of blueberries, in silence and prayer, the sisters inserted themselves in the rural areas of this remote corner of the Haute Corrèze, and the monastery was erected priory on February 4, 2006.
From the production of our orchard, we launched in the manufacture of various jams and jellies, and in the production of preserves, mainly with plants and flowers from our garden.

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Chapelle Du Jassoneix
Station Brive-la-Gaillarde


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