77 m
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86,68 km

Погледана 2616 пут(a), скинута са сервера 3 пут(a)

близу  Eastern Passage, Nova Escòcia (Canada)

This is a very easy trail but quite long. This trail forms a small part of the "Trans-Canada Trail." It`s a very great trail to bike and do a lot of photography. It is not unusual to stumble across Bald Eagles and various other birds of prey along the trail. There has been a spate of minor robberies along the trail from time to time so it`s best to do this with company. It skirts along the "Old number 7 Highway" which is called "Marine Drive." This is an exceptionally beautiful area of Nova Scotia`s Eastern Shore. There is also the opportunity to venture onto the Cole Harbour Dykes (Salt Marsh) Trail. This area is very good for walking and biking. However blackflies are very bad during the early mornings and evenings. There`s also quite an abundance of porcupines along the trail...


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