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Recorded август 2013

615 m
128 m
152,29 km

Погледана 150 пут(a), скинута са сервера 4 пут(a)

близу  Saničani, Republika Srpska (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

This is a totally unconventional itinerary.
I wanted to traverse from Prijedor to the Vrbas valley, possibly staying on the hills rather than following the busy roads down in the valleys.
The only constraint that I set to myself was to visit the monastery of Gomionica, which I believed to be interesting.
Without a detailed map, the search for Gomionica became an intensive route-finding work on hills where more often than not the roads (often in gravel) come to a dead end, or at least to some fork where, lacking the information where to go, I just turned back.
The whole, however, lead to a couple of wonderful days featuring the discovery of remote villages in a truly pristine condition. That sort of things that the conscious and informed tourist will never happen to meet.
Most of the backtracking involved has been retained in the track, since I found it essential to understand its nature.
The absolute highlights were the remote village of Milosavici and a forgotten cemetery on a hill, with precious stone crosses, which led me to figure out the title "Lost hills of Bosnia".
As you will see, many of the places lack a name, and I am not able to retrieve it, neither on online sources nor in the otherwise good Freytag and Berndt map Bosnia-Hercegovina 1:200.000. Any help in this sense, especially if some local spots the track, will be welcome.

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Perhaps the most beautiful wooden church along the track.
At Melina I was hosted in a house where I could communicate in German.
First attempt to leave Melina and to find a road heading in direction Gomionica.
At the end I was able to reach the long sought-for monastery. Just to discover that it is nothing exceptional.
A quintessential village of the hills of Bosnia.


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