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близу Upper Lynn, British Columbia (Canada)

Start at parking lot at end of Lillooet Road and bike North on the wide, paved Seymour Valley Trailway to the pavilion overlooking Seymour Lake. The route is rolling hills through a native forest, with no really challenging climbs.

Approx 1/2 km north of parking lot is a small lake with beautiful forest views and a circular dock, popular with fishermen. If visiting the lake, walk bikes in accordance with the posted trail use. The roofed pavilion at the north terminus, overlooking the dam and Seymour Lake, is a good lunch spot.

From the parking lot there is a connecting walk along Lynn Creek to the Lynn Canyon Cafe, through a mature second-growth forest, and across the (free) Lynn Creek suspension bridge.

There is also a bicycle route to get across the river and access streets leading to the Cafe and suspension bridge - go west, down-hill from the parking lot, over the bridge crossing Lynn Creek, and connecting with Marion Road (this is not on the saved track).

Parking and Facilities

Pictures of summer activity on the forest walking-only trails to the SW of parking lot, along Lynn Creek and at the Cafe across the suspension bridge.

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    Georges Hb 27.09.2017.

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    A nice hike! Better when it's not raining ;)

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