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близу Peschiera del Garda, Veneto (Italia)

Cycling route from Peschiera del Garda to the Po river via Mantova and back. Largely flat. Partly via cycling paths along the Mincio river. Large parts of the route go through Parco del Mincio. The route passes through Mantova, a beautiful town on the Mincio which has expanded to small lakes here. Other interesting towns on the route are Grazie, Valeggio sul Mincio, Rivalta sul Mincio and Volta Mantovana. Especially on the west side of the route, going south, the Mincio has been diverted in concrete irrigation canals. Largely agricultural scenery outside the towns apart from some wetlands in the Parco del Mincio and planted forests along the Po river.

Bridge across Po

Bridge across the Po at Borgoforte. The bridge is a small detour from the route to get a view across the Po river. A train bridge is next to this bridge.


Small town largely there for the santuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie. During my visit the asphalt square in front of the santuary was painted with biblical scenes as part of some sort of contest.


Mantova is a beautiful city on the river Mincio, where the river has expanded into lakes. The city has an attractive center with old piazzas, a duke's palace, and churches. Nice location for a break.

Mincio bridge at Valeggio sul Mincio

This ancient fortified bridge at Borghetto beneath Valeggio sul Mincio gives nice views of the river, Borghetto, the bridge and the Castello. The bridge itself is a small detour from the route.

Rivalta sul Mincio

The park center of Parco del Mincio is in this small town.

Volta Mantovana

Small town at the edge of the Po plain. It is the first climb of the day to get there from the Mincio river. The route contains a small detour through the old town center.


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