296,03 km

Акум. висина

1.410 m

Степен тешкоће



1.411 m

Max elevation

211 m


33 5

Min elevation

81 m

Trail type

One Way
  • Слика од vatternrundan 2012
  • Слика од vatternrundan 2012
  • Слика од vatternrundan 2012
  • Слика од vatternrundan 2012
  • Слика од vatternrundan 2012
  • Слика од vatternrundan 2012

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06. март 2012.


март 2012
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211 m
81 m
296,03 km

Погледана 2525 пут(a), скинута са сервера 18 пут(a)

близу Motala, Östergötlands Län (Ruoŧŧa)

A very famous tied to the lake Vättern is Vätternrundan (literally around the lake). It is held in mid June and is a beautiful and relaxing bike ride of 300 kilometers, 30 miles Swedes that begins and ends in Motala, a town north of Jönköping, after traveling a great distance from the lake. And 'the most' largest cycling event in the world and is attended by about 20000 bikers. Think about that last year as many as 31 nations were represented at the competition. The vätternrundan is not a real competition, so much so that there are no winners. All at the end of the race receive a medal and a diploma will certainly rely on the next job interview. The first race is dated 1966 and there are 11 heroes who have done all the editions from 1966 to today.

Vätterrundan 2011-06-18

Vätterrundan 2011-06-18
near Motala, Östergötlands Län (Ruoŧŧa) by MC22
Elevation Profile
Cycling distance: 183.93 mi. - 296 km.

Elevation min: 78 meters max: 209 meters
Uphill: 1178 meters down: 1189 meters
Type: One way
Vätterrundan 2011 en Therése

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2 коментар(а)

  • Слика од Poggiocycling

    Poggiocycling 06.03.2012.

    che dire provare per credere e veramente una di quelle corse che un ciclista deve fare nella propia vita

  • Слика од Jordi Asecas

    Jordi Asecas 06.11.2014.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    La hice el 2003, entrando el invierno, en bicicletas de universitarios. Una maravilla.
    Made on 2003. Autum. University bikes. Was a such a gift! With RigoRighy. A Crack!

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