3.845 m
2.475 m
143,3 km

Погледана 474 пут(a), скинута са сервера 5 пут(a)

близу Gerrard, Colorado (United States)

Day 2 B Course.
Very Wet in a couple of tests.

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  • Слика од stoermerjp

    stoermerjp 14.08.2017.

    that was just pure insanity. great job on finishing the last test section buddy!! nice work! https://www.wikiloc.com/enduro-trails/shady-burro-day-2-19177574/photo-12031738

  • pwbowman38 31.07.2018.

    That photo speaks volumes to me. I’m the guy in blue/yellow jersey, just on the edge of bonking! Truly awesome day!!

  • Слика од stoermerjp

    stoermerjp 31.07.2018.

    That is me in the Red/Yellow KLIM gear talking to you! :D

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