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близу  Welby, New South Wales (Australia)

The most interesting part of this walk is the section between the 'Weathered Rock' waypoint andthe crossing of Gibbergunyah Creek. There are many large boulders and rock formations with a distinctive red colouring - caused by a red lichen. It is worth climbing up the hill a little to visit the waypoint I've called 'Welby Cave'. It is quite a large rock overhand and local youth have created a drystone wall at the mouth of the cave. Other dramatic rock formations can also be found about 200 metres higher up the hillAbout a third of the walk is along the quiet streets of Welby. There is interest here in seeing the occasional old cottage remaining from the days when Welby was called Fitzroy and was a dwelling place for workers at the Fitzroy Ironworks in Mittagong.
Easy to miss
Since this photo was taken, the lower half weathered rock has been somewhat obscured by vegetation. It's worth pushing the vegetation aside to see the lovely colours and texture of the rock face. There is a low ledge that makes a natural seat where I have enjoyed sitting.
Welby Hall has a parking area. On some weekends in summer, you will find a cricket game in progress on the adjacent oval.


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