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близу  The Glebe, New South Wales (Australia)

This walk takes in the Harbour foreshore and some of the older sections of Glebe. The walk presents an opportunity to see both the new architecture of the Pyrmont area, the older buildings in Glebe and some of the working foreshore of the Harbour.

The ANZAC Bridge dominates the sky and the landscape for most of this walk. For much of the walk the bridge can be seen next to other modern architecture.

Some of this walk could be done as a trip on the light rail (tram) as this also travels through the same area. There is a stop at the Fish Market, at Jubilee Park and elsewhere.

If the newer architecture interests you more then the Pyrmont end of the walk can be extended around the Harbour - all the way to the City if desired.

Most of the images attached are of the newer buildings, the older building are left for the walker to appreciate along the way.

There are a lot of possible places to stop for food or a coffee on the route, including the Fish Markets, also Pyrmont and Glebe have lots of cafes.
Playing fields and the viaduct used for the light rail system.
You can purchase lunch at the markets.
At this point you are back by the water and there is lots to look at.
It is worth the climb via the stairs, or use the lift! (yes there is a lift).
Built in 1898 - were the first reinforced concrete structures in Australia. They are on the Register of the National Estate.


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