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близу Fairlight, England (United Kingdom)

Short walk at Country Park Hasting. Lovely tearoom nearby, see description below.

Starting point:
Starting at village Fairlight at carpark and visitor center (lower Coastguard Lane, Fairlight).

Route from car park to signs 20, 21, 22, 24 and back to car park. See map on first photo.

Below route description:
Walk through the field to the west. Continue this untill the sign 20 on photo 3. Walk down, first at the left side of the river. Then cross the river and continue to walk down untill sign on photo 5. Cross the river here and walk up to sign 22 on photo 7. Now turn right and continue to walk up untill sign 24 on photo 8 near the radarstation. Cross the grass to the right corner. Cut though the Bushes. Which ends up in a big field with a view and walk back to the carpark.

Extra info:
There is a lovely tearoom on the tarmac road 150 metres onwards, starting at the right side of the visitorcenter.


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