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Recorded фебруар 2014

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близу  South Bank, Queensland (Australia)

The entire trip is flat. Except for some seldom parts, it longs the river, which is beautiful. At the end, the restaurant is a nice place where to drink some cold beverage.
You must consider the return, that can be done via the same path, then 2.5 more hours, or by boat. Citycats are confortable and very rapid.
I did that trip walking, but there is no restriction to do it by riding a bike.
This is the botanic garden, where the QUT stands
Botanic garden
A welcomed place, at the end of my trip, to drink some cold
The river front of Downtown
This garden is such a great place, with lots of fests
Day or night, the History Bridge is wonderful
Yes, the Mangrove path is in the middle of the city
A beautiful place which is crowded during the weekend with many families
Passing there so many times, I saw on a Saturday simultaneously 3 different weddings celebrated here


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