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Uploaded 11.06.2018.

Recorded јун 2018

367 m
303 m
1,72 km

Погледана 95 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу  Karfiguéla, Cascades (Burkina Faso)

This map starts at the top of the waterfalls, though the parking lot and entrance is at the bottom. At the top there is a dirt road that leads to the Fabedougou Domes. At the bottom is an entrance with an entry fee. There are also young men that will try to scare you saying it is dangerous to walk around without a guide. Our first hotel also tried to scare us into hiring a guide. We ignored all of this and walked around happy and safe. The biggest danger was the school group out for the weekend and the sleeping rasta trinket seller.

The path is well marked and the cascades are pretty impressive.

It is convenient to rent a scooter in Banfora and drive it out the falls.
Yes, this is the easiest place to drive across to the other side. We saw a few people do it.


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