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близу Canton Beach, New South Wales (Australia)

Circuit Track starting with Wetland Trail then onto Red Gum Trail connecting to Lilly Pilly Trail across Wilfred Barrett Dr then through Tuggerah Beach Trail with a nice walk along Pelican Beach then back up Pelican Beach Road, back along Red Gum Trail and Wetland Trail.
The intersection splits off into two directions. Heading right will take you to Burrawang Track and then back to the main car park or going left will take you through a lush rainforest along the Lillypilly Loop Trail under a canopy of corkwoods and cabbage tree palms along with some great views of Tuggerah Lake.
Wyrrabalong National Park provides great opportunities for bushwalking, sightseeing, picnicking, swimming, surfing and fishing. The northern section of the park occupies the barrier dune system separating Tuggerah Lakes from Tuggerah Beach. You can explore the rainforest, wetlands and beautiful Red Gum Forest on the lake side or visit popular surfing beaches on the ocean side.
A short walk up Pelican Beach Road back to Wilfred Barrett Drive then to the main entry to Red Gum and Burrawang Trail's.
Coming off Tuggerah Beach trail will lead you on the dunes offer some great views of the full stretch of Tuggerah Beach, to your right The Entrance North and left Pelican Beach and Pelican Point.
The Tuggerah Beach Trail is just off Wilfred Barrett Drive a short walk up from the end of the Lillypilly Trail. A short walk to Tuggerah Beach the trail can be slightly overgrown in sections.
Pelican Beach offers scenic views of stretching to The Entrance and Pelican Point. Pelican Beach also offers a lookout which is a great spot for whale watching. The beach is popular for fishing and surfing.
The beach consists of three parts, the very northern Pelican beach, partly sheltered by reefs off Pelican Point, the longer exposed Tuggerah Beach, and the southern North Entrance beach that receives some protection from reefs extending off the entrance to Tuggerah Lake.
You will come out at Wilfred Barrett Drive of off Lillypilly Loop Trail where you can cross over the road and up a small embankment on to a slightly overgrown sandy/dirt road used by power and telecoms service vehicles. Be careful crossing the road as cars travel up to 80km/h along here and can be very busy at times.
The kookout provides more views of Tuggerah Lake and distant views of Wallarah Point.
The lookout has some great views looking back towards to beginning of the Wetlands Trail overlooking the Heritage Village Residential Park and Tuggerah Lake.
The intersection splits off into two directions. Heading left from Wetlands Trail will take you back to the car park on Wilfred Barrett Drive or heading right will continue along to a couple of lookouts and to Lillypilly Trail. On the trail you will see a number of Sydney red gums along with some old man banksias and burrawangs. Watch for birds flying around the canopy's and a possible echidna scratching around the forest floor.
The Wetland Trail is an important vegetation community in the low-lying sandy foreshore area of the Wyrrabalong National Park. It can be flooded at times and contains a great variety of plants and animals like the winter flowering swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta), grey-headed flying fox, regent honeyeater and squirrel glider.


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