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близу  Savski Venac, Central Serbia (Serbia)

This shop, named "The Garden of the Virgin" for the Holy Mountain, is a reliable resource for ecclesiastical goods, including books, music, icons, prayer-ropes, and liturgical supplies. They have a very limited selection of English works.

Perivoli also carries a wide assortment of icon prints — not mounted or laminated prints, but the paper prints themselves, including several you have probably seen mounted by vendors in America. In addition, they carry poster-size prints of several icons.

There is usually an English-speaker present. They can be reached by phone from inside Greece at 231.023.1040.
Here lie the ruins of the old Roman Agora.
This ancient church houses the relics of Saint Demetrios. It is built on the site of his martyrdom, which can be visited in a crypt below the altar.
This small parish is a dependency of Simonopetra, and the chanting here is in the tradition of the monastery. It is on a narrow side-street of Egnatia.
It's not really white. If you are lost in the city, you can always walk down to the water and head east (to your left as you face the water) until you hit the White Tower.
Now: Museum
Now, arts museum
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