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Степен тешкоће   Средње

Број тачака  1942

Uploaded 31.03.2017.

Recorded март 2017

2.018 m
1.139 m
23,27 km

Погледана 13 пут(a), скинута са сервера 3 пут(a)

близу  Svinjača, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Good hiking with great views on Cvrsnica Mountain and Blidinje lake to the east, Ljubusa and Duvanjsko field to the west, and Radusa in the northwest. The trail crosses the mountain ridge from Mali (Little) Vran to Vran and descends to Blidinje lake where a mountain hut is located, then continues to monastery Masna Luka and another mountain lodge.
Treatment recommended.
Treatment recommended.
Mali Vran is one of the several summits at Vran Mountain, which extends N-SW to Dugo polje opposite to Cvrsnica mountain. Mali Vran has an altitude of 1961m.
<p>Vran is one of the several summits at Vran Mountain, which extends N-SW to Dugo polje opposite to Cvrsnica mountain. Vran has an altitude of 2027m.</p>
Treatment recommended.
The lodge is a two story building, consisting of dormitories on the first floor and in the loft/attic, and a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. It is under a renovation process and most of the work on the main floor has been completed, as well as for the central heating in the whole building. <p>There are 3 separate room units, with 20 beds in total,&nbsp; with the possibility of extra space on the attic floor. The lodge also has central heating. There are indoor bathrooms and showers.<br />It is accessible by vehicle.</p>
Treatment recommended.
The administration building of Nature Park Blidinje is still under construction. In addition to offices, administration facilities and a conference room, part of the building is preconceived as an accommodation wing. It is planned to be a meeting point for researchers, biologists, nature conservationists, and all other nature/wildlife enthusiasts. <p>The total capacity of this mountain lodge will count 30 beds in double or triple room units, as well as kitchen facilities.</p>
The Saint Elijah&rsquo;s Church and Masna Luka Monastery complex is located in Blidinje Nature Park. Masna Luka is a Franciscan monastery located at a height of 1200 meters. The artistically decorated church of St. Elias is also part of the monastery.


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