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Број тачака 1397

Uploaded 05.09.2013.

Recorded јул 2006

3.891 m
1.768 m
60,24 km

Погледана 869 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу Tor, Catalunya (España)

This is the takeoff for XC in Andorra.
A committed flight with few landing opportunities. Stay high and land high. Best effort in this direction so far.
Endless sink and turbulence in the Ransol valley.
Experience shows the Incles valley doesn't work much better, and getting past El tarter on the North side has proved to be impossible on numerous occasions.
Above the ski slope, only few small thermals during the day (and often good restitution at night) but mostly useless for going places.
Beware Pyrenees north/south winds fighting for supremacy. If winds are N, it possible to head S after a thermal above Canillo and head towards Seu d'Urgell. Beware valley winds if going in this direction.


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