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515 m
9,88 km

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близу Welby, New South Wales (Australia)

Starting and finishing at the Boxvale Track parking area. The first stage is easy walking along the Boxvale track. Then turn onto the track that leads to the 40-Foot Falls, with a steep descent to the Falls. Then there's a crossing of the Nattai River by a natural stone bridge and a walk that follows the course of the Nattai River to the Robert Sloss footbridge. The stage between the natural stone bridge and the Sloss bridge is the most difficult of the whole walk, because recent storms and floods over caused some trees and many saplings to fall across the path. But detours and a recognisable footpad can always be found. After the Sloss Bridge there's a climb by wooden stairs to the path that goes under the motorway and then an easy walk onward along the side of the Gibbergunyah Creek gully. Then there's a crossing of Gibbergunyah Creek and a climb by firetrail to Welby. Finally through Welby streets and over the motorway to return to Boxvale Parking area.

0413 Steps near Motorway


BV 40-Foot Falls


Lookdown to Gibbergunyah Creek


R Sloss Bridge Nattai River

Until a year or two ago, this footbridge (centre from far bank) crossed the full width of Gibbergunyah Creek. But since recent floods, the creek crossing is twice as wide as it was. Shallower water means it is still possible to cross by stepping stone to stone.

Stone Bridge over Nattai River


Toilets Welby

56 Joadja St Welby, NSW, 2575, AUS

Welby Cemetery


Boxvale Parking

From websites: The Box Vale Mine track follows the formation of an historic railway line. The railway operated between 1888 and 1896 and serviced a coal mine that operated in the Nattai Gorge. The rail route includes an 85 metre long tunnel and a loading area. The loading area is situated at the top of a steep incline that was used to haul the coal in skips up from the gorge below. Although much of the surrounding terrain is steep and rocky, the four point four kilometre walking track has easy grades and the return walk takes about three hours.


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