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Uploaded 23.04.2017.

Recorded април 2017

647 m
561 m
4,87 km

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близу Welby, New South Wales (Australia)

A shortish loop walk but through interesting, quite rugged terrain. Begins and ends at Welby Cemetery parking area. First stage is a gradual descent to Gibbergunyah Creek. In this gully, very tall eucalyptus trees reach for the light. After heavy rain, you may need to remove footwear to cross the creek, which flows between high rocky cliffs. Recent floods have eroded the banks of the creek. The next stage of the walk climbs to a cliff top area where there are interesting rock formations to explore. Then fire trails skirt the residential area round Sunset Point Drive and you descend to a concrete causeway crossing Ironmines creek. Now you are briefly in open country, walking within sight of the rear ends of the Highlands Marketplace buildings. But soon you are back in the bush again via a step-stone crossing of Gibbergunyah Creek. My trail then shows a short excursion to a magnificent tower of red tinged rock, at the base of which you will find a shallow cave. Local youth have made a fireplace here and unfortunately left some cans and bottles strewn about. The final stage of the walk is through the Welby bush, which is criss-crossed by trails created by mountain-bike riders. A popular site for this sport - but not intrusive. PKK

002 Parking Welby Graveyard


062 Junction


063 Junction


064 Junction


065 Welby Cave


066 Rocky Outcrops

Rock formation on cliff-top above Gibbergunyah Creek. Mount Alexandra in background.

067 Junction


Crossing Gibbergunyah Creek 2

No stepping stones. After heavy rain, it could be necessary to remove footwear.

Crossing Gibbergunyah Creek1

Stepping stones make it possible to cross here.

Crossing over Iron Mines Creek


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