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Recorded април 2017

652 m
542 m
6,68 km

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близу  Mittagong, New South Wales (Australia)

Another variation on Mount Alexandra walks. This trail does a full circuit - starting at Lake Alexandra, then going along Leopold Street till the fire trail near Mittagong Swimming Pool is reached. The a very pleasant walk through towering eucalypts with the Nattai River visible and audible below to your right. The section of the walk that goes parallel to the motorway is quite noisy of course but there is something quite spectacular to be seen as you pass by the giant pillars that support the motorway high above. Then a walk along the western flank of Mt Alexandra, to your right the Gibbergunyah Creek flowing through it's deep gully. The final stage of the walk brings you back to where you started in the lovely Lake Alexandra park.
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