195 m
60 m
12,95 km

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близу  Batchelor, Northern Territory (Australia)

Approx. 13 kilometer hike starting & finishing from Bamboo Creek Tin Mine & passing through a wide variety of the geography of Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.
Experienced & fully equipped walkers. Best walked in a clockwise direction & leave at Sunrise.
There are no trail markers for the first 3.3 kilometers & the last 2 kilometers.
It is advisable to follow the Northern side of the creek for approx 1500 mts from the carpark before crossing. This will avoid a swamp on the upper tableland.
There is a possibility that crocodiles have got into the lake behind the Tin Miners Dam. Do not swim or refill water & maintain a cautious attitude. This dam is possibly the oldest surviving dam in the Northern Territory - maybe 70 years or more - so plenty of time for crocodiles to sneak in.
There is very limited phone reception. Water is available in the creeks.
Park Rangers often burn off the upper Tableland each year between May & June so if you see or smell smoke do not proceed.
The Camping area indicated by the waypoint "Camp ground sign" is poor & has no water - better to avoid it. Approx 300mts East [080 deg.] of this sign is a creek with good water


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