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близу Kamyanyuki, Brestskaya Voblastsʼ (Belarus)

Having two days to see the "interior" of Belarus, we wanted to pay our respect to Brest. Brest Fortress is a moving war memorial, which can't be described within a Wikiloc trail, but the huge Biosphere Reserve can.

Highlight of a visit to Belarus: the Byelovezhskaya State National Park and Biosphere Reserve is an hour's drive from Brest to the north. You can see more of the open park boundaries when coming south from Grodno. Praised as the biggest primeval woods in the heart of Europe the park extends across the border into Poland.

A one-day excursion can only scratch the surface of all there is to do. Here is an easy trail to some quiet lakes, unspoiled despite the numerous visitors who seem to stick more to the asphalted main roads even when walking. Few snap shots of Bison and wolf are your reward.

Don't expect much elevation gain when walking in Belarus. The highest point in Belarus is about 345,6 meters high.

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