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Uploaded 06.09.2014.

Recorded септембар 2014

269 m
2 m
47,57 km

Погледана 3312 пут(a), скинута са сервера 48 пут(a)

близу  West Advocate, Nova Escòcia (Canada)

Located on the south side of Chignecto Bay this 50km trek could be regarded as a sister trail to the Fundy Footpath. Although both trails are equal in length the Fundy Footpath has more ravines to cross making ascents and descents more of a challenge. I've wanted to do this trek for a couple of years and finally got a clear window of opportunity 28-30 June 2014. The weather was fantastic and scenery spectacular!

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  • Слика од Shawn Goff

    Shawn Goff 03.05.2017.

    Do you have a recommended itinerary for this trip? Looking to book now but park isn't open till May 19 to get advice...

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