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близу  Yelverton, Western Australia (Australia)

THIRD DAY of Cape to Cape Track
from Moses Rock Campsite to Ellensbrook Campsite

This day has: walk in beach sand and dunes, river crossing, rock scrambling, single line trail along the cliffs and 4WD track walk, historical National Trust heritage with some sun covered sections.

This track connects to:
- Cape to Cape Track - DAY 2
- Cape to Cape Track - DAY 4
Meekadarabee is a significant Aboriginal site and means "bathing place of the moon", associated with a pair of star-crossed Indigenous lovers.
Dry Toilet + 2 Water Tanks + 2 Wooden Table NO rubbish disposal - NO fireplace The campsite is on left side of the track and is impossible to miss! The area is huge, with plenty of tree covered area and a flat open-sky lawn.
More a boardwalk than a bridge that cross the Ellensbrook stream.
A paved walk to Meekadarabee, a significant Aboriginal site.
Ellensbrook (1857) was the home of settlers Alfred and Ellen Bussell. The Wardandi people welcomed them, gave them Noongar names, and led them to this sheltered site. The basic ramshackle house is constructed of paperbark, driftwood, timber, lime, dung and hair. Between 1899 and 1917, Edith Bussell, who farmed the property alone for many years, established an Aboriginal mission. Children were taught to read and write, and two became beneficiaries of Edith's will. The grounds are open even when the house isn't. It has toilets, water, carpark, shelter and a small (rarely open) cafe.
LEFT: Trail continues to Ellensbrook Homestead (RIGHT: Beach access)
Ellensbrook Beach (WA 674) is 350 m long and occupies the rocky shore to either side of the mouth of the small Ellen Brook.
STRAIGHT: Trail continues (RIGHT: Beach)
LEFT: Trail continues (RIGHT: Beach access)
Straight Ahead (Right: cliffs)
Turn LEFT (Right: beach access)
A single line trail continues in the southern point of the carpark.
This is the main access to Big Rock and has dry toilets, carpark, sheltered lookout area. The track DON'T go by the beach, but up the cliffs.
Trail marker
Trail marker
The memorial Stairways, bench, lookout and fencing to the 1996 tragedy. The limestone cliff collapsed during a surfing competition killing 5 adults and 4 children.
Carpark + toilet
This is the main public car/caravan park in the Gracetown settlement, with benches + rubbish bins + toilet + showers + water. Camping is prohibited! Near to the (one and only) general store, hotels and restaurants
Rock scramble down (a.k.a.: Boat-ramp)
Turn LEFT uphill
A natural and seasonal (winter only) rock spring.
Trail marker
A natural seasonal fountain
Bridge over a gully.
Leave 4WD road and follow the trail
Turn LEFT, uphill
Turn LEFT, uphill
During winter, Veryiuca Brook may flood the track. AVOID DRINKING this water!
Cross the 4WD road and continue in the trail.
A lookout platform and a beach access stairs. Follow the trail marker. DON'T go down to the beach.
Trail marker
The actual track goes by the dunes, and NOT by the beach sand.
Log step going down to Cullens Beach
a bench in a lookout platform
Cross the 4WD road and continue in the trail.
A small brook that can be easily crossed. (last fresh water source in 4km)
A wood bench facing the sea in a lawn area used as an improvised (an illegal) campsite.
A "junk house" on the left side of the track. Keep following the trail (straight ahead).
Follow STRAIGHT ahead, leaving the 4WD track (Right: beach access)
Turn RIGHT, uphill along the coastline
4WD carpark
Willyabrup Brook is Knee high in its middle (and deepest) part. Cross near the beach face, taking off your boots.
Wood bridge on a swampy area


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