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близу  Prevelly, Western Australia (Australia)

FIFTH DAY of Cape to Cape Track
from Prevelly to Conto Campground

This day has: walk in beach sand and dunes, river crossing, rock scrambling, single line trail along the cliffs and 4WD track walk with some sun covered sections.

This track connects to:
- Cape to Cape Track - DAY 4
- Cape to Cape Track - DAY 6
Turn RIGHT, leaving the bike lane
Turn LEFT, leaving the 4WD track
Turn RIGHT on the gate
A bench just before the 365 steps down to the bottom of Boodjidup Valley.
Frank Mouritz bridge crossing the Boodjidup brook
Keep the Boodjidup brook on your right!
Bench just before the long walk in Redgate beach.
Turn LEFT (don't cross river).
This is the south end of Boodjidup beach (Beach Number: wa0654). Keep walking in the beach sand for a few more meters, cross the rock, and you'll see another beach. Continue walking on it. (Straight: Redgate Beach North) (Left: Redgate Road carpark)
End of Redgate Beach NORTH. Follow the track (uphill) to carpark + Dry toilets
Redgate Beach (WA 652) is 350 m long west-facing beach bordered by granulite rocks and boulders. It has a carpark + benches + dry toilet
Calgardup Brook is usually no more than ankle depth, even in winter.
End of Redgate beach walk
Improvised campsite in a flat ground with tea-tree cover.
In fact, both ways will end in the same place, but the official trail goes to the RIGHT (which is also more scenic).
(Right: fishing spot)
Turn RIGHT, ignoring the gate
Turn Right (Left: to Bob's Hollow Rd)
Esq (Right, climbing down: beach access)
Chains for downhill rock scrambling
Follow the track, straigh Ahead (Right: Bob's Hollow bay)
Bob’s Hollow is one of WA’s best sport climbing crags, 100m inland from the beach. http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/Australasia/Australia/Western_Australia/South-Western_WA/Bob_s_Hollow/
ZIG ZAG Turn (Right)
ZIG ZAG Turn (Left) in to Contos Rd
Straight Ahead to Conto Campground
Kitchen area + BBQ + several Tables and Benches + Fire pit + Water fountain + toilets + Car/Caravan park area + Waste/Rubbish disposal area Fee: $10 per person per night


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