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близу  Nechako, British Columbia (Canada)

This is actually 2 trails. I parked halfway between the two to create a loop. I went in at Waypoint 1 (Start of Trail) and finished by coming back into town at the other entrance (8th Tee of Golf Course). Baxter St. to Coho flats is well marked and well maintained. The Golf course trail....not so much. There is a sign at the Coho Flats end that states that 'This (golf course) trail is not maintained at this time'. That being said, the trail was not that bad. Hopping over downed trees in places but still good enough to take a 10 year old child.
Parking lot and information sign on Baxter St. This access is very well marked and maintained.
Just a picture of the path through the coastal old growth forest.
Another shot of the path.
At the end of the trail, there is river access and a picnic table. The current course of the river has left a nice swimming hole with no current as well as a sandy beach. Be aware that the river can (and does) change course and the beach/swimming hole may or may not be safe or even available. There is no garbage pick-up here. Pack out what you pack in. Popular with hikers and fishermen.From here you can access the 'Fisherman's Trail' leading to the Rod and Gun Club. Condition of trail is unknown by this user.
Sign indicating access to Golf course Trail. Further down says trail not maintained.
Just some pictures along the trail.
This tree appears to have been cleaned out in preparation to possibly becoming a canoe, some time in the past. The upper limit of the opening is clearly man-made and done so that the tree itself would not be destroyed. The bark has sealed itself around the opening and the tree is over 100 feet high and still growing.
Access to trail at the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club. Trail starts at the 8th tee. Take cart track from clubhouse to trail head if starting at the golf club.
Golf Course parking.
If you wish to do this loop and park halfway between both accesses, an opportunity is here at the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Ample parking but if service is in session there will not be parking available.


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