1.772 m
1.548 m
17,6 km

Погледана 65 пут(a), скинута са сервера 0 пут(a)

близу Alta, Montana (United States)

A really interesting hike with many different landscapes; meadows, rock falls, mountain views, forest paths etc. ending at Deer Lake.
We were very fortunate to see a bull mouse, a few dear and no end of squirrels and chipmunks (are they chipmunks in Montana? Never did confirm that ;-)
We didn't make it to the lake as we we had only given ourselves enough time to do a 10 mile hike. Maybe we'll get there next time were in Montana...
Beware though, the beginning of the hike requires you to wade across Deer Creek. We weren't aware of this when we started the hike and spent the first 5 minutes wondering where the trail went...


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