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Recorded јануар 2016

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близу  Ban Fa Suai, เชียงใหม่ (ไทย)

Hike up Doi Luang Chiang Dao, Thailand's 3rd highest mountain, north of Chiang Mai.

We stayed at the Chiang Dao national park headquarters, camping on the floor of their meeting room. We were driven to Den Ya Kat by 4WD and we had to hire a porter via the national park office. On the first day we hiked up to the huge campsite, "Ao Salung" below the summit. We set up camp there then hiked up to the summit of Doi Luang Chiang Dao for the sunrise.

This is a very popular "bucket list" hike for a lot of Thais. We did it on a weekend in January and there were about 300 people up the mountain, even though I've heard it's supposed to be limited to 150. Many of the hikers seemed ill-prepared and in inappropriate footwear. The summit was a photo-frenzy, the "money shot" being holding the Thai flag. Nevertheless it was fun, and a good community spirit, but go mid-week if you want to avoid the crowds.

The following morning we hiked in the dark up to Kew Lom Tai for the sunrise. Then we packed up camp, hiked down to Pang Wua where we were picked up and driven back to the national park office.

We wanted to do this independently but it would be very difficult to do so. The national park and commercial trekking companies have it tied up. There are checkpoints on the the roads to the start. However it was nice to go along with it and have a porter to carry some of our gear.

Open my YouTube video of the trip from the "View more" link below.

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Sam Yaek ("three ways") where the paths from Den Ya Kat and Pang Wua meet.
Dong Noi camp. I don't think it's used much now. Everyone seems to camp further up at Ang Salung.
Ang Salung camp. The main campsite below the summit. It's very large and busy during peak season at weekends.
Our camping spot in the middle of Ang Salung on 16th January 2016
The upper end of Ang Salung campsite
Summit of Doi Luang Chiang Dao
Near the summit of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, looking back at the true summit
The first of 2 summits of Kew Lom Tai
Campsite on Kew Lom Tai. Doesn't seem to be in use now.
2nd of 2 summits of Kew Lom Tai, looking west
High altitude forest below Kew Lom Tai
Signposts to Kew Lom
Intersection between the paths to Ang Salung and Kew Lom
View to Doi Sam Pee Nong
Resting spot before descent to Pang Wua
Intersection of paths above Pang Wua
Vehicle Barrier
Pang Wua. End of the trail. Pick-up / Drop-off point


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