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близу  Poslenište (Montenegro)

This is a fantastic hike at the heart of Montenegro. The base is the town of Zabljak which is well geared towards tourism, a nice room can come as cheaply as 10€. The hike is going up to climb the highest mountain in the country and down walking back to town.

Start early and take a taxi to Sedlo (15-20€). You can also come by car and park, that would mean going back the same way. First stretch is the walk to the base of mountain, relatively easy and hassle free. Climbing up includes some scrambling and using the attached ropes, but it is worth it for the views. Going down to Zabljak the route is more difficult but still possible without any technical skills. The hike ends at the beautiful lake on the outskirts of town

Bring warm clothes (even if the forecast is sunny), good shoes, plenty of water and food.


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