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близу  Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

This trail follows along the Koksilah River to the world famous Kinsol Trestle ("the tallest free-standing wooden trestle bridge in the world").
The first km or so is on decomissioned logging road. After that you turn into the forest, going parallel to the river but travelling fairly high up the escarpment so the river makes its presence known by sound only. The forest trail is a mix of maple and fir. The fern growth on the forest floor is amazing!
Kinsol trestle makes an excellent half way point and from this point, there are other trails branching off for further exploration.

The length of this hike is approx. 400m shorter than shown - we took a wrong turn at waypoint #2, whoops.

Retreads Hiking Club gives this hike an AVA rating of 2C

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