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519 m
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близу Sherbrook, Victoria (Australia)

Anzac Memorial to Sherbrooke Falls via Break Point track & is another excellent walk in the Dandenongs. As with almost every trail in the hills, other tracks intersect and the walk can be shortened or lengthened in a number of ways.
Hackett track
Continue along Hackett trail on your left
You are still on Hackett just a little hill downward
Turn right into Moore Break track
Head alongside the properties
Just keep walking along Moore Break track
Keep walking up the hill down turn left on dirt track or right into forest
Keep heading down the pretty steep hill
Turn left when you reach the road towards Belgrave
When you reach Ridge Track head up it towards the falls
It's a beautiful walk in this track to the falls
Turn right at the Sherbrooke Falls sign
Keep walking forward until you reach Hillclimb Track turn left
Take s sharp right down go back into Ridge Track
You are travelling on ODonohue Track towards the picnic grounds
Turn right and continue along ODonohues Track
Head out to the entrance and at road turn left towards Ferny Creek
Keep heading to your right
At the no entry point at the Sherbrooke Picnic Grounds go down that and you will see a walking track on your right
The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens is a beautiful walk through on your way
You should be walking along Lloyds Track
Just keep walking along Lloyds track until you reach the Anzac Memorial

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    Great trail very scenic.

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    Loved it.

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