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близу  River Heads, Queensland (Australia)

Fraser Island Great Walk Day 1 - Kingfisher Bay Resort to Central station
Walk from Kingfisher to McKenzies jetty was nice past the Z force training camp and down onto the beach, once you leave the beach the vegetation goes into a light scrub with very little appeal though after about 8 km it improves into larger trees and this continues until lake McKenzie. You can stop here for a swim if you want to fight the large tourist crowds as the water is lovely. Continuing on from lake McKenzie the bush gets denser by the time you get to Basin lake (a better swimming spot) then as you get closer to Central station it progresses into rainforest and the walkers camp is pretty good. There is a fence around the camp area and there are cages for your food though I had my bag eaten by a field mouse which got inside the cage so I then hung my food bag and put my backpack in the tent with me. Between McKenzies and Central Station there are a fair few elevation changes so take your time.
Kingfisher Bay Resort hill
Sandy Straights view
Z Force training camp
Z Force Singapore Harbour Map
McKenzies jetty
Track Junction
Lake McKenzie
Basin Lake
Central Station Wanggoolba Creek

3 коментар(а)

  • Слика од ArielMat

    ArielMat 06.11.2017.

    Looks like an amazing adventure. Did you do it by yourself or with a company?
    Did you have to arrange everything in advance?
    We are planning on getting there next December, not sure if it will not be too hot...

  • Слика од Grant_70

    Grant_70 06.11.2017.

    HI Ariel, I did this solo, but was a couple of other people at both Central and McKenzie, the six nights at Fraser isn't super hard but you do need to be prepared for all things which may happen. I got dropped off and picked up at the Riverheads carpark which is where the barge departs the mainland.
    Another alternative if you have a lift is getting on the barge at Inskip and walking up the island and then departing via Kingfisher.
    There is patchy phone reception at lake wabby at the lookout and at Kingfisher.
    December will be hot and they do close the tracks if it gets too dry but it should still be ok.

  • Слика од ArielMat

    ArielMat 06.11.2017.

    Thanks! I'll see how I handle it. Keep uploading trails, they look great.

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