1.052 m
537 m
7,37 km

Погледана 81 пут(a), скинута са сервера 4 пут(a)

близу Nelson Falls Lookout, Tasmania (Australia)

This track leaves the Hut and follows Lake Vera until starts climbing gently towards Barron Pass. The going gets soon hard and steep in the rainforest, negotiating wet terrain and slippery tree roots. Some elevation is gained and the pass is finally reached, revealing the alpine environment and the magnificent peaks and knobs of Barron Pass and the Artichoke Valley. The rough track follows the ridge line until a contour will lead into the bowl that is Lake Tahune with some steep sections helped by wooden ladders. Tahune Hut is newly built as April 2018 and has permanent central heating, lights, vestibule with heated rack and a capient sleeping area, with some fine views in the lounge room. Welcome features after some heavy rain and strong winds. Overall a hard hike, especially after just completing the lake Vera trail early in the day.


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