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близу  Kingston City, Florida (United States)

A two track trail in Hillsborough County Florida. At the south end of the trail section I traversed there is parking available adjacent to highway 301. A paved portion of the trail continues south adjacent to the highway. A downside of this trail is the ever present vehicle noise. I did some geocaching on this hike and cut those items out of the GPS track. The trail is designated for hiking, biking and equestrian use. I was on foot today. There were a couple places that if I had been on the bike I would have been walking due to soft sand. There were also a couple moist areas with ruts to negotiate. I spotted deer and many pigs along the trail. On the southern portion of the trail there is an informational kiosk with a bench.
Information, a trash can, and a place to sit.
Small parking pullout
Trail Parking Area


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