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Recorded април 2016

1.280 m
949 m
40,34 km

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близу  Bald Mountain, Queensland (Australia)

A fantastic walk over 2.5 days with a mixture of off track and trail walking. There are some potentially difficult components of the trip involving difficult scrambling with exposure including ascent/descent of West Bald Rock, descent into and exploration of South Bald Rock Gorge and Cave, and Western ascent of Bald Rock.
Start - camp at Stone Cottage bush campsite.
Day 1 - off track cross country over several rocky hills and West Bald Rock, failed to find Roberts 1866 border Cairn (I believe the waypoint attached is now correct), explore South Bald Rock Gorge and Cave, camp at South Bald Rock.
Day 2 - part track part off track along the Qld/NSW border to Bald Rock, an ascent of Bald Rock from the West (great care is required here a poor route choice can leave you very exposed), descent via the tourist route, then further along the border track and cross country to a nice waterhole camp site.
Day 3 - cross country and up Billy Goat hill for great views of Mt Norman (except for the rain), back down into the valley to check out the stone round house. A nearby hill has great panoramic view over the valley. The plan was to return cross country along a ridge to our starting point but the vegetation became very thick and spiky so we dropped back down to Mt Norman road to get to the cars.
Full gallery of photos here:
Thanks to David, Andrew, Gabby, Terry, Greg and Karen.
Surveying Cairn from 1866


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