2.698 m
1.197 m
88,18 km

Погледана 1002 пут(a), скинута са сервера 10 пут(a)

близу  Curry Village, California (United States)

Starting @ Glacier Point and overnighting camping on Little Yosemite Valley. No Lottery required as it classifies as Back country camping. Scaling Half Dome then finishing on the valley floor. Took the tour Bus back to glacier point to avoid the staircase!!
Yosemite Fall's WhereIgo by A Team Vallejo, Wherigo Cache (2/4)
Climbing Giant’s Staircase by TerryDad2, Earthcache (3.5/4)
A View of the Giant's Staircase by TerryDad2, Earthcache (2.5/1.5)
Merced River Talus Slope by TerryDad2, Earthcache (1.5/2.5)
River Geomorphology of the Merced River by TerryDad2, Earthcache (4.5/2)
Semidome Loft, Yeah! by Dale (Mengarelliott/2), Virtual Cache (1/4.5)
Yosemite Valley High Water – The 100 Year Flood by Team Gecko, Virtual Cache (1.5/2)
Out of the Darkness, into Yosemite Valley! by Dave_W6DPS and son, Virtual Cache (1/1)
Mist Trail Cache by V-man, Virtual Cache (1/3)
Stories in the Rocks: Yosemite Valley Geology by Wintertime, Virtual Cache (1.5/1)
For Climbers by bthomas Adopted by Gary&Vicky, Unknown Cache (1/1)
The Nose of El Capitan by Warren Harding, Virtual Cache (1/1)
A Happy Place by Russell Grove and Warren Harding, Unknown Cache (2/2)
Split Rock: An Investigation by Warren Harding, Virtual Cache (1/2)
Yosemite's Wonders by ChrissySkyking + Blaze, Virtual Cache (1/1)
The Best Hike in Yosemite Valley by Warren Harding, Multi-cache (1/4)
Half Dome Rescue Point by 47Dad47 and Kolly Wobbels, Virtual Cache (1/4)

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  • Слика од markmcla

    markmcla 01.10.2013.

    Thanks for sharing the info about using an overnight wilderness permit to gain permission to hike up Half Dome. I heard rumors that you could do this, but I wasn't sure. -And I can't wait to follow your hiking path next year!

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