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близу Millstream, British Columbia (Canada)

This hike is in Goldstream Provincial Park in Langford, just outside of Victoria. The park is one of the best in this area and is extremely popular however, the trails are relatively quiet.

Most of the route for this trail is on the opposite side of the Trans Canada Highway from where the parking lot is. Outbound, this route passes under the TCH via the bridge across the Upper Goldstream River. Inbound, it again passes under the TCH via the Niagara Creek Culvert.

This hike will take you alongside Goldstream River as you travel through the bottom of the valley in the shade of towering cedar trees. Crossing under the TCH, you begin the climb up to & through the campground to beautiful Goldstream waterfall. The Falls are quite lovely, dropping a hundred or so feet into a deep pool. 

Following the trail along Arbutus ridge the forest opens up and you will pass by an abandoned gold mine. Descending through the Niagara Creek valley, you are into lush fern floored forest for a stop at Niagara Falls before once again crossing under the TCH.
The trail is well maintained and is mostly under mossy forest cover.  There is quite a steep section at the beginning and the end which will be a cardio challenge.  Once on top of Arbutus ridge, the trail does have several good ups and downs.

Warnings !!
1. This route is not suitable for winter hiking. It crosses the Trans Canada Highway by going underneath a bridge and through a culvert. Winter water flows through either of these can be significant.
2. DO NOT attempt to cross over the TCH. There are no marked crossings, traffic is heavy & fast moving. It is very dangerous!

The Retreads Hiking Club gives this hike an AVA rating of 3B.

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use right fork
turn left
turn right
safest route to falls is left


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