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близу  Townson, Queensland (Australia)

An overnight through walk from the Mt Castle car park Goomburra to the campground at Glen Rock. A long car shuffle is required. The country is spectacular but very rugged. Plenty of water was available in the creeks along the way. Thanks to Shawn, Gabby, Andrew and Bernie who indulged me on this one.
Section 1 - Follows the existing 'Winder track'
Section 2 - Follows the remnant Winder track (soon to be reopened) as far as a lookout at an old logging chute
Section 3 - heads West traversing the Northern side of a water catchment through lovely rain forest and crossing several creeks
Section 4 - Beats through really thick vegetation to the Western escarpment, here we set up a rough camp and scrambled down into a spectacular gorge.
Section 5 - Heading North parallel to the escarpment passing through some really beautiful forest and across several lovely creeks.
Section 6 - Beating uphill through rough rain forest until we break out on the Eastern side of the ridge in open Eucalypt.
Section 7 - From here an open ridge line walk with great views heading North and then West to Glen Rock proper
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