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близу  Peñalén, Castilla-La Mancha (España)

Last night we pitched our tent not next to the refugio but on a field near the Tajo. Excellent camping place. The only disadvantage was the cold, humid night. Even our below zero sleeping bags couldn’t keep us warm. But we slept until the sun hit our tent which was quite late: 10 AM. After a good breakfast and a coffee we hit the road at 11:30.

Again pista along the Tajo. Getting a bit boring but having said that the river itself and the surrounding cliffs are still spectacular. Especially after the extraordinary amount of snow and rain the area has witnessed in the last week.

Wild water kayaking would have been the faster option today. But the waterfall we saw was spectacular. The locals thought so too: they’d never seen it this big.

The water prevented us from taking the GR113 path to Zaorejas. We literary had to wade uphill through a stream (waterfall in fact) and judged it to be to risky after a couple of hundred meters.

Walked to the road and hitchhiked the last 6 km’s to Zaorejas in the back of a pickup truck. Fun! Now enjoying a beer on our balcony of the Peñurubia hotel with stunning views.
We are walking the GR10 across Spain from Puçol (near Valencia) all the way to the Spanish/Portuguese border. We started March 21th 2018 and hope to finish at the end of June.
Water filling
The locals tell us they’ve never seen so much water here
The path went too steep and had too much water going down for us to continue the trail. It was a waterfall itself.


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