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близу  Oud-Leusden, Utrecht (Nederland)

Relaxing walk through a beautiful area with some highlights: among them, the den Treek estate and the new development of Vogelwater, which will be much like Henschotermeer in the future I assume. Plus two surprising displays showing a philosopher with a quote, namely Arendt and Nietsche.

The Treek-Henschoten estate is one of the largest private estates in the Netherlands.

The walk starts from the N227, Doornseweg, on the by-road that is, where restaurant De Gezelligheid is located.

On leaving the estate through the gate, the last view across the road left a lasting memory, see picture 3 on the side here.
The estate itself

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  • Слика од zomaar iemand

    zomaar iemand 12.03.2018.

    I have followed this trail  проверено  View more

    dit was een leuke route om te lopen, erg gevarieerd gebied. ga ik zeker nog eens doen.

  • Слика од janetraveller

    janetraveller 13.03.2018.

    Thanks Richard for your comment ! Great to hear that you enjoyed this walk.

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