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близу  Miridò, Piemonte (Italia)

Hiking - Probably the best ever viewpoint over Monviso, the "Stone King", albeit on a clear day the view covers the entire Alps range and some Appennines as well.
The view angle covers 356 degrees, as the only portion without reliefs is from azimut 68 to azimut 72. This means being able to even see the Dolomites, although over 300 Km (190 mi) away.
Notable views north include Monte Rosa, Cervino (Matterhorn), Gran Paradiso and the highest peak in Europe of Monte Bianco.
Warm day and spectacular views. Stepping on snow but no need to wear snowshoes or even crampons.
From Meire Durandini, a hamlet within the village of Ostana, up straight to Punta Razil and a loop to Punta Selassa on the way down.
M5. G2 pth
G4 trk Itinerario Meire Durandini - Punta Ostanetta (V8)


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