• Слика од Hsipaw to Pankam village with loops
  • Слика од Hsipaw to Pankam village with loops
  • Слика од Village entrance

Moving time  7 сата 10 минуте

Вријеме  21 сата 57 минуте

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Uploaded 24.04.2018.

Recorded април 2018

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1.110 m
376 m
32,68 km

Погледана 445 пут(a), скинута са сервера 27 пут(a)

близу Hsipaw, Shan (Myanmar [Burma])

Typical hike from Hsipaw which others have listed. Our hike has some loops included. I would not recommend our first section in the town along the main road. Take the return loop both ways, unless you enjoy breathing thick diesel truck chug. You can get a great vegetarian lunch in the village with a friendly family. We were accosted on the way and I advise if an old lady invites you in, you should go! You can refill or buy more water en route. This track will be best when the land is green and growing. It's a bit brown in April.

Village entrance

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  • Слика од SELVATIKA

    SELVATIKA 27.12.2018.

    I have followed this trail  проверено  View more

    Very nice hike, absolutely follow the indications about the first loop. We hiked independently in December 2018 following this track with the GPS, we didn't have any problem, just at the second loop we couldn't find the path at all, so in the end we stayed on the main path. In the Pankam village we did as written: the first lady who ran towards us inviting us at her place we followed, and we got excellent vegetarian food home made from her garden, warm hospitality and cozy beds. No food on the way, just water in one village where you will see a "bar".

  • Слика од SELVATIKA

    SELVATIKA 27.12.2018.

    I forgot to mention: we needed 5 hours to go up (including short breaks), it isn't steep, there is very few shade on the way.

  • henri.dumont30 05.02.2019.

    Thank you for explication, can i do this trek by myself?

You can or this trail