840 m
24 m
9,61 km

Погледана 473 пут(a), скинута са сервера 3 пут(a)

близу Casas de Cabililla, Ceuta (España)

We followed the usual marked track up Musa starting from the quiet village overlooking the strait to GIBRALTAR. At 600mtrs and immediately past the disused iron mine-pit we turned left to ascend the final unmarked stretch to the summit. This is a slow going where care is needed not to dislodge rocks that may hurt fellow climbers below. It is not technical but there are places where those suffering from vertigo would not enjoy. Keeping a few meters distance from each other is advisable. The summit at 840mtrs (twice the height of Gibraltar) is normally clouded over and windy so try choosing a day with westerly or north wind to make the best of the trip. Views of the entire strait, Ceuta, Gibraltar, the Atlantic, the Med. and the Rif mountains to the south are breathtaking. The descent we chose on the west face is not recommended for those with little experience. The 45 degree screed slope is extremely loose and painfully slow going. Any small mistake can be fatal so go slowly and stick to the right hand side using the edge of the mountain. At the bottom of the slope you turn left to climb for 100mtrs to reach the 'throat' of the 'sleeping woman' which is the dip between Musa and adjoining peak. From here you can see the village where you started from and the descent is again slow rocky terrain which can be difficult at times.


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