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близу Nanbalet, Shan (Myanmar [Burma])

2nd day was the hardest. You’ve to cross a river and a mini forest. Some of the path isn’t clear. Over time the local Farmers change their plots so you might have to go off trail a bit. just Ensure you’re headed in the same direction Good things to have would be a good pair of hiking shoes and stick. Mosquito repellent and a raincoat.

Last tip normally if the road is too muddy the locals would have made a side path or another path to walk over so look out for them for an easier journey.

Take not also the route to take might not be the main path.
Stayed here for my first night for 10,000 include dinner and breakfast
With a few shops
Went down the wrong path (center) had to turn back and head right. Although can try Center as the right path isn’t a clear path in some areas
$10,000 for dinner breakfast and one night
A group I met stayed here with their guide


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