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Moving time  2 сата 31 минуте

Вријеме  4 сата 8 минуте

Број тачака  1195

Uploaded 27.05.2018.

Recorded мај 2018

2.420 m
1.702 m
6,68 km

Погледана 37 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу  Kovach, Alberta (Canada)

Very steep uphills and downhills, you climb in only 3km. So you should be in good shape for soing this trail. Terrific views once you get on the ridge. You can see two valleys up there. Spot mountain goats, they tend to be in the trail and don't let you go on. We saw rocky mountains sheeps too and a grizzlie bear with two cubs. And the police waiting at the trailhead to warned us about the mamma bear.
Awesome trail!!!!!!

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  • melinaromano 27.05.2018.

    I forgot to pause the wiki, if you are a true fast hiker you can do it in 3 hs just like we did. Roundtrip!

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