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Uploaded 02.10.2013.

Recorded септембар 2013

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2.242 m
324 m
85,59 km

Погледана 2729 пут(a), скинута са сервера 38 пут(a)

близу  Owens Corner, Central Province (Papua New Guinea)

Kokoda Track - PNG - Owens Corner to Kokoda Airport

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  • Слика од marklav

    marklav 05.10.2013.

    GPS Odometer recorded distance as 97.14 Km from Owens Corner to Kokoda Airport
    I tagged along with the Aurora Adventures BGS group as team medic.
    This is a fantastic but challenging walk, with lots of history, local culture and beautiful scenery.

  • TimTP 01.02.2017.

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    I did the Kokoda in September 2016, with PNG Trekking Adventures (can't recommend them highly enough; an absolutely super outfit and the guides/porters are simply can hire your own porter/guide, but most people don't, as you need permission from the Kokoda Authority, and to coordinate with other groups on the track).
    I found it very difficult. I could not have completed it without my porter (a superman, truly) and of course the guides know the entire background about what happened on the Kokoda. It's a story worth knowing.
    I had heard it was relentless, not knowing in advance that means. I found out that it's unending and extremely steep uphill climbs, and then sudden unending descents just as steep; tree root systems that cover the entire path, or what there is of it, for kilometer upon kilometer, with the spaces between them too weird and too small to fit your feet - it's like you're walking on high but thin cables - slippery slopes like walking on soap; merciless heat in areas not under canopy; fording fast-moving creeks, and a river or two, and the constant wet feet. When I went we had rain every day, which was unusual, so everything was wet from the moment you got up in the morning to the moment you went to bed.
    Extremely challenging yes, but I cannot convey how great it is: the scenery, the people, the pristine highland air, the butterflies, the untouched creeks, and on and on. There's no place on earth like it.

  • Слика од loafer

    loafer 16.01.2019.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Completed this in reverse direction (Kokoda to Ower’s Corner) April 2017 with OurSpirit

    Mon 17/4/17
    Kokoda to Isurava
    Dist: 16.2km (1186m ascent, 317m descent)

    Tue 18/4/17
    Isurava Battle Site to Eora Creek
    Dist: 8.9km (553m, 448m)

    Wed 19/4/17
    Eora Creek to Myola (1900m campsite)
    Dist: 14.3km (1165m, 683m)

    Thu 20/4/17
    Moyla to Brigade Hill
    Dist: 13.9km (827m, 1277m)

    Fri 21/4/17
    Brigade Hill to Nauro
    Dist: 17.4km (816m, 1175m)

    Sat 22/4/17
    Nauro to Ioribaiwa Ridge
    Dist: 11.5km (760m, 1057m)

    Sun 23/4/17
    Ioribaiwa Ridge to Goldie River
    Dist: 12.4km (599m, 851m)

    Mon 24/4/17
    Goldie River to Ower’s Corne
    Dist: 2km (195m, 3m)

    Total distance = 96.6kms
    Total ascent = 6,101 metres
    Total descent = 5,811 metres
    (stats by Garmin)

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