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Uploaded 11.03.2017.

Recorded јануар 2017

2.233 m
1.727 m
22,34 km

Погледана 581 пут(a), скинута са сервера 45 пут(a)

близу  Charlotte Pass, New South Wales (Australia)

The Main Range Track and Summit Walk are
linked as a loop walk. During spring, walk
the Main Range Track as described below. If
the stepping stones across the Snowy River
are covered this walk is not recommended.
After rock-hopping across the Snowy River
below Charlotte Pass, the track climbs
through alpine herbfields past Hedley Tarn
Lookout to Blue Lake Lookout.
It then climbs Carruthers Peak which
provides spectacular views to the west. It
continues along the exposed ridge of the
Main Range above Club Lake and Lake
Albina until it meets the Summit Walk
between Rawson Pass and Mt Kosciuszko.
Turn right to climb Kosciuszko before
returning via the old road to Charlotte Pass
29-ENE-17 2:59:27PM
Kosciuszko Road
29-ENE-17 3:53:15PM
29-ENE-17 12:51:33PM
29-ENE-17 12:16:19PM
29-ENE-17 11:48:03AM
29-ENE-17 11:39:23AM
29-ENE-17 11:03:42AM
29-ENE-17 10:41:55AM
29-ENE-17 4:44:52PM
Main Range Walking Track
Main Range Walking Track
29-ENE-17 3:41:03PM

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  • Слика од Harry Urban

    Harry Urban 14.11.2018.

    I completed this hike in February 2018 with my brother and a friend. The constant elevation gain and drops were more than I expected. It definitely took its toll on me but was well worth it. One of the best things I have ever done. We went anti-clockwise as to avoid the steep little leg burner on the last day.

  • MalvaRV 30.04.2019.

    Hey, do you think it's possible to do this rute in one day?

  • Слика од beltza100

    beltza100 30.04.2019.

    I walked in summer and 8 hours were enough. With snow it will take more time

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