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Погледана 4859 пут(a), скинута са сервера 108 пут(a)

близу  Darlington, Queensland (Australia)

There are a few routes to gain access to the Lost World. However, there is limited ways to create a circuit hike from Green Mountains that is not to long or does not cross private land. This hike has a bit of everything, great views from Castle Crag. A great elevated camp site with running water and a waterfall. Exposed ridge line accessing and leaving the lost world. Creek rock hopping up Albert River and a visit to my favourite and one of the remotest waterfalls in the Lamington, Thunder and Lightning falls.

I have trail notes on the route to the lost world camp in two past hikes I have posted on Wikiloc. Also in this hike I tried to follow a more direct route off castle crag to the Albert river but found a heap of lantana in the flat section at the bottom. Therefore I recommend following the route in past hikes and dropping into the Albert River upstream and following river down to the ridge up to the Lost World Razorback.

From the Lost World Mt Worendo saddle drop down steeply to the Albert River and rock hop upstream. 30min upstream you will find Red Rock Cutting. You can bypass this canyon high on the north side or you can waterproof your packs and wade about 30m and a compulsory 5m swim. Access to Lamington's graded track system is via Shooting creek and trail notes can be found in my Black Canyon Route.

Packs can be left at the base of Shooting Creek which we did and I forgot to take the GPS. The trip to black canyon adds an extra 3km and takes about 2 hours including a swim and pictures at the falls. There is no navigational issues, just rock hop up the creek.

NOTE: This hike is all off track and extremely steep and over loose ground. There many places to get lost which can lead to exposed cliffs. A sound knowledge of navigation in thick vegetation with a compass is necessary. DO NOT RELEY ON A GPS. Some of this hike is under cliff faces where GPS signal is useless.


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  • Skea 16.02.2018.

    Done today as per the description with zero dramas. Wildfires a couple weeks back cleared the forests from Mt Green to Albert river, making for a quick descent. LW Ridge was pretty dense to bush bash but otherwise worthwhile. Going up albert creek and black canyon was super scenic. Took us 11 hrs in a day.

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